What is Laurie's Choice?

     Laurie's Choice is a collection of products and services that are near and dear to my heart. As you will read in my bio, I live with challenges, but have chosen to make the best of what I have been blessed with.  My goal is to feel younger and look better as I mature naturally.


     Reflexology is a huge passion of mine and I incorporate many different tools to help assist with the healing process.  On February 28th 2016,  I received a Diploma from Ray of Hope Academy in Belgium, WI.  My private practice is Laurie's Choice Reflexology.  I'm available to see clients on an appointment-only basis.  If you are interested, please go to the "Contact Me" page and submit your contact information of the session you are interested in.

     I am a huge believer in the power and effectiveness of essential oils.  I use them when needed in my sessions and incorrporate specific oils in my daily routine at home.  As a loyal distributor to Be Young Total Health, I trust in the quality and potential of the oils that I use.  If you would like to learn more about this amazing company, visit my site at  beyoungth.com/partners/laurieschoice. 

     When it comes to coconut oil, which can be used for so many purposes, Skinny & Company is my favorite brand and go-to products. I have been a oil puller for over 5 years and have proven dental results that shows the power of daily oil pulling.  Skinny & Company carries a full line of health products including shampoo bars, facial cleansers, deodorants, lip balms, CBD products, pet products and more.


     If you have any questions or comments or are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned, I do carry a small stock in my office or would be happy to order what you need.  Please feel free to visit the "Contact Me" page.  Thank you.



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