Laurie Kinnard CRR

Registered Reflexologist

RAA Professional Member

IRW Administrative Assistant

Clinical Nutritionist

Be Young Total Health Partner 

Independent Sisel Distributor

About  Me




    My name is Laurie Kinnard from the Green Bay, WI area.  I was born with a rare liver disorder, called Glycogen Storage Disease IIIa.  At 51,  I feel blessed to be able to work part-time as a nutritionist in a hospital, have a private reflexology practice, serve as a Board Member with the Intgreted Reflexologist of Wisconsin and have time to vacation with my family.  My goal is to be the oldest-living GSD individual and a role model for future generations with this inherited metabolic disorder.


    I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin Green Bay in 1994 and have been working as a Nutritionist for 24 years.  In July 2014, I began reflexology classes at Ray of Hope Academy in Belgium, WI.  I currently see clients in my Green Bay office.  Memberships to the Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin and Reflexology Association of America has created more opportunities to network and learn from others in this exciting and expanding field of health/wellness.


   Traveling and enjoying new cultures has always been part of my life and now as my reflexology career grows, I will be experiencing more.  My husband and daughter join me during vacation travel, this bonding time promotes and creates life-long memories.